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Edinburgh's Flodden Wall History Walk

Walking the Flodden Wall
Walking the Line of the Flodden Wall with Graeme Cruickshank
Monday 9th September 2013 

On this day, exactly 500 years ago there occurred one of the most tragic events in Scottish history. Just across the Border, the Scottish army was massacred at the Battle of Flodden – there died the King, James IV, a large proportion of the nobility and a host of ordinary men. 

Edinburgh suffered as much as anywhere else losing her Provost, all four Bailies, and a large number of her citizens. The news was greeted with disbelief, overwhelming sorrow and the fear of imminent English invasion. There was a rush to defend the city, the result being the construction of the Flodden wall, some substantial parts of which still exist today. 

The walking tour began with historical background and coffee in Riddle’s Court. The walk took around 2.5 hours. Regrettably it was not suitable for those with limited mobility. It included a number of inclines but only one real test: the long flight of steps up the Vennel from the Grassmarket, which were tackled at a slow pace!

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