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Lothian Association

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The WEA Lothian Association is the longest running Workers’ Educational Association branch in Scotland.  It was founded on Saturday 27th October 1912 at a public meeting attended by more than 200 people in Free Gardener’s Hall, Picardy Place, Edinburgh. 

Albert Mansbridge, founder of the WEA, addressed the meeting and explained the aims of the WEA and its ways of working.  After his presentation a motion to set up a WEA branch in Edinburgh was carried unanimously. 

In 1991 the WEA branches in Scotland were reorganised to cover wider geographical areas and the WEA Lothian Association was formed.  WEA members in Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian are all part of the WEA Lothian Association.

The WEA Lothian Association Committee is elected annually by WEA Lothian members and meets every 6-8 weeks.

The WEA Lothian Association Committee:

  • Provides a forum for all representatives of the 5 WEA student groups to meet and share information about their activities
  • Advises on the educational content of the Open Programme
  • Fundraises for educational activities for the people of Edinburgh and the Lothians
  • Arranges social events for members, learners and friends of the WEA
  • Organises the popular biennial WEA Edinburgh Fringe Summer School for members
  • Represents Lothian members and Lothian interests on the WEA Scottish Committee

There are 5 WEA Lothian Student Groups, which grew out of WEA classes and now organise a range of educational activities for their members.

The groups are:

Book Talk
Diggers’ Writers Group
Exploring Books
Lothian Women’s Forum
Theatre Studies Group

WEA Lothian Association Annual Report 2013-14


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