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West Lothian and the Forgotten War

Forgotten War Booklet Launch with Cakebook

Soon after World War II was declared the British Government introduced national service and all men aged between 18 and 40 could be called up to serve their country. After the war young men in Great Britain continued to be called up for a period of National Service. Usually aged only 18 when they left home, they had no control over where they went with the Armed Forces or what they did. Some spent their time barracks in this country, others were sent overseas, some served on the front line in the Korean War, 1950-53. 

The West Lothian and the Forgotten project, part of the wider ‘Their Past Your Future’ project, recorded the stories of people living in and around West Lothian who lived through the era of World War II, National Service and, in particular, the Korean War. A rich and varied archive of oral history and film recordings has been created to preserve experiences and lessons from the conflicts, so they might help future generations. 

As part of ‘Their Past Your Future’ project, a website of exhibitions was launched in March 2010. The website, www.RememberingScotlandAtWarorg.uk , aims to ensure that memories of war are never forgotten and to enable schools to discover personal stories that have affected their local area.

Download the West Lothian and the Forgotten War booklet here.

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